We chose the classic “tin cans and string telephone” science experiment as the perfect metaphor to illustrate our firm’s way of thinking. It only works when one person speaks while the other listens. Simple. Dedicated. Direct.

From long standing expertise in the hospitality industry, we know how to blend “old-school” client service with “#newschool” creativity to develop brands with a voice. We are about crafting conversations. Not just with the media, but with your past and prospective guests. Meaningful and timely conversations that deliver results, drive business and create separation from your competition. 

We are not like most public relations firms. We are not about our last names, we are about client names. We are not here to impress a parent company; we are here to fulfill goals your goals. We like to keep life simple and enjoy long-term relationships, provide dedicated client service professionals who have the time to listen, and achieve desired results. 

Getting down to the basics is our business. We will not let your retainers get eaten up with paperwork, meetings and conference calls. We want results. The core of our approach is client attention; comprehension of brand sensibilities and strategic media placements that achieve goals.

Tin Cans + String.  Leading conversations.  Driving Results.